Boom Truck used for Crane Services

Boom Truck

A boom truck serves multiple purposes by using a boom winch to recover or transport heavy items to inaccessible areas whether a ditch, hillside or to the top of a building. A boom winch mounted in the bed of a large truck can transport construction material and equipment to a site from street side, while a boom truck equipped with a cherry picker can allow an arborist to access treetops.

Boom trucks we offer…

  • HL30TC Weldco Picker Truck 30 ton with main boom 25-59 ft
  • Kenworth Knuckle Boom Crane 23 Ton with a main boom of 55 ft
  • Tadano Picker Truck TM-1800 18 ton with a main boom of 18-82 ft
  • BT-60100 Terex Picker Crane 30 ton with main boom 30.5-100 ft
  • National Hydraulic Truck Crane 1800 Series 40 Ton with main boom 31-103 ft
  • Ford F800 4 Ton with main boom 24 ft


A rough terrain crane is subclass of a hydraulic crane. As a self-propelled crane mounted on an undercarriage with four rubber tires, rough terrain cranes are specifically designed to operate on off-road and rough applications and surfaces. Designed specifically for pick-and-carry operations, the rough terrain crane is used for building bridges, operations in power and chemical plants and refineries and for large-scale construction projects.

Rough Terrain cranes we offer…

Grove Rt528C 28 Ton with main boom 70 ft and Jib of 20 ft

Grove RT 890E Rough Terrain 90 Ton with main boom 38-142 ft and Jib of 33-56 ft extension


In the crane industry, the all terrain crane is considered the luxury version of a mobile hydraulic crane, being likened to driving a Hummer or Range Rover on pavement. All terrain cranes can be considered a hybrid between a mobile truck crane and a rough terrain crane. Another big selling point of this crane is its multi-functional capability to travel on all kinds of off-road terrain and as well as down highways at top speeds.

All Terrain Cranes we offer…

Terex Demag AC 140 170 Ton lifting capacity with main boom 41-197 ft with Jib of 30-56 ft

Mobile Hydraulic

Hydraulic truck cranes are mobile cranes that can lift thousands of pounds using hydraulics. Hydraulics relies on forces being transmitted through oil pushing the boom’s pistons in opposite directions to lift thousands of pounds. Hydraulic truck cranes are essential to building major projects: bridges, buildings, airports, roadways, and more. What would take hundreds of men and hours to accomplish, a crane can do in minutes.

Hydraulic cranes we offer…

Grove TMS865 65 Ton with main boom 114 ft and Jib of 33 ft

Grove TMS900E 90 Ton with main boom 36-141 ft and offset Jib of 33-55 ft extension

Linkbelt HTC 86100 Telescopic Boom Truck Crane 100 Ton with main boom 38-141 ft and Jib of 41 ft max tip of 182 ft

Terex T780 Truck Crane 80 Ton with main boom 126 ft and Jib of 33-57 ft

65 ton mobile crane


A crane is a type of machine, generally equipped with a hoist, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves, that can be used both to lift and lower materials and to move them horizontally. It is mainly used for lifting heavy things and transporting them to other places. It uses one or more simple machines to create mechanical advantage and thus move loads beyond the normal capability of a human. Cranes are commonly employed in the transport industry for the loading and unloading of freight, in the construction industry for the movement of materials and in the manufacturing industry for the assembling of heavy equipment.

Conventional cranes we offer…

90 Ton Conventional Crane

4450 American Conventional Crane Hydraulic Truck Crane 40 Ton with main boom 150 ft and Jib of 30-40 ft

4100 495 230 ton